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Elisah & Chris “The styling of our wedding was by getting a ring”

Asked in the snow, getting married in the sun. But yes, where do you start?
After a single press of the button we ended up at Trouwen via Google
Tuscany. And what turned out: the look & feel on the site was a direct match
with our wishes. And Roos also appeared Dutch, so that was
nice bonus. During our road trip through Tuscany looking for
wedding locations we immediately planned an appointment with Roos and
wedding stylist Sonja in Florence. Then we knew it immediately: with this one
nice ladies we had in the sea!

Together we had intensive contact for a year (and the telephone was on
of Rose sometimes red-hot by all the bubbles of the groom, haha)
and in the meantime we spoke to each other again in Florence when we too
a tasting with Roos her personal chef Novella. Stylist
Sonja went along with her, so that we could immediately use her styling
aligning. The good thing about Roos was that she maintained contact with all
suppliers and our questions could continue to play where necessary. We had to be there
do not think that we should do all this, also by the
language barrier. Roos also came up with good tips, such as hiring
from Marina for the ceremony and working with chef Novella.

On September 13, 2017 we gave each other the yes-word in Tuscany. Rose
has it all super well taken care of, the styling of Sonja was over
by getting a ring and both we and all our guests had the
most beautiful time of our lives. Everything ran smoothly.

Why are we only married once ?! For us bronze, silver or
golden marriage (!!) we would like to work together again with Roos and

Elisah ( & Chris

Nb Also read the nice blog of Elisah that she wrote on her website about her Tuscan marriage!

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