Wedding Videos & Wedding Clips

A moving memory for everyone

With a videographer in Tuscany showing your wedding to the detail in a wedding video, you will have a beautiful and valuable memory of a day you will always remember. This foreign wedding will always stay with you, on special days bringing beautiful memories, not just for you but also for your guests. With an amazing video of your wedding it will of course be easier to experience your day again, but in the mean time it is a great tool to get those involved who couldn’t come to your day. For those grandparents who couldn’t come, or pregnant friend who had to stay behind…a moving memory will let them experience the day on a higher level.

Michelle and Jelco – June 2018 – TheWeddingTale

Sabien and Jurriaan – May 2017 – TheWeddingTale

Valérie and Nick – Juli 2017 – TheWeddingTale

Claudia and Robert – June 2017 – MyWeddingVideo

Lindsey and Jelle – May 2017 – TheWeddingTale

Judith and Erik – June 2017 – MyWeddingVideo

Linsey and Dennis – September 2016 – MyWeddingVideo

Mariska and Walter – June 2016 – TheWeddingTale

Iris and Jurgen – Juli 2014 – MyWeddingVideo

Linda and Toine – June 2015 – Gattotigre

Saving or paying ?

Unfortunately the videographer is many times the one part of a Tuscan wedding on which our couples want to save their money. But is that right? A beautiful video of your Tuscan wedding is a perfect tool to experience your day again, together and with others.

The videographer as a wedding present?

Hint: If you want to ask your friends/family/people who couldn’t come for a wedding gift, then ask them for a contribution toward the videographer. A life long memory for everyone and very special to the bride and groom.

A Tuscan videographer or a English one?

Choose your Tuscan videographer, or bring your own. Read “Suppliers” for more information on Tuscan videographers we are working with.