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Our team works from Florence, the beautiful capital of Tuscany. Tuscany is the perfect region in Italy where your dream wedding can come true. Known for her good wines, olive oil, rolling hills, friendly people, and the overall famous Tuscan Sun. Tuscany is definitely the best choice for a wedding you will always remember.

We live and work in the amazing city of Florence, Italy.

Your Tuscan wedding will be organized locally and this has a lot of advantages for you:

  • We know our territory like the palm of our hand, and we preferably work with local suppliers for an authentic Tuscan wedding.
  • Our team knows exactly which months are best for a sun-filled wedding in this region.
  • Of course we are no meteorologists, but in all those years we gained some wisdom to estimate the local weather conditions.
  • we always recommend you to have a plan B, especially in certain months, where you might want to hire a marquee, a room, or hall, or anything that puts a roof over your head.
  • Also recommended you to take a blanket with you during spring evenings, because it can be quite chilly as a lot of our venues are 400 mtr. above sea level.
  • Thanks to our experience we know wat is the best time for your ceremonny; we take into account the position of the sun and the warmth of the day. (For example: never marry at noon in july !)
  • We know exactly when the position of the sun in Tuscany is best for your wedding pictures; those beautiful pictures are mainly made in the early evening!
  • All of the members of our team other than speaking English, also speak Italian fluently. Italian is the language of the suppliers we work with and that can come in handy, especially in a country as Italy.
  • Italian traditions? We know them best, but will also take into account your traditions and will always try to bring both together for a real Tuscan wedding with an international twist.
  • …and more….


A quick intro to some of our services:

  • Organization and coordination of your wedding day;the Tuscany loves weddings team will be with you all day.
  • Tuscany Loves weddings, will be happy to introduce you to our typical Tuscan wedding venues.
  • We would also love to introduce you to some beautiful and unique wedding locations.
  • of course we will be able to Organize your civil wedding.
  • Yes we do! also organize a symbolic ceremony with an English/German/Dutch/Italian speaking celebrant.
  • We can organize all your catering moments, from a pizza party rehearsal dinner, up to the wedding dinner, and more if needed.
  • We keep in touch with the chosen venue and/or location and all other suppliers.
  • The coordination of all the suppliers will be one of our biggest tasks on your wedding day !
  • For every wedding we make a detailed time planning and scenario for the whole day.
  • Do you need transfers for your guests ? Our team will organize it for you!
  • We can take care of all the music moments during your special day.
  • We would love to introduce the bride and her guests to the right hairdresser and/or make-up artist.
  • If you book your venue for more than 1 day, we can organize different activities for you and your guests.
  • You can always contact us for solutions, ideas, tips.
  • And much more… so don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on our service.


The “look & feel” service of Tuscany loves Weddings

We do not only organize and plan your destination wedding, we also style your whole wedding day. The styling is one of the aspects of your wedding day that we love to give some special attention to. One of the most important services we offer is the close cooperation, and therefore the perfect coordination, between the wedding planner, the wedding stylist and the wedding photographer. Our team has been working together for several years now and our services are perfectly coordinated. Our collaboration is our strenght and will give you a solid foundation. We will create a true Tuscan wedding, filled with amazing and unforgettable memories, not just for the bride & groom, but also for the guests. Would you like to know more about our team?


Want to know more about our Tuscany Loves Weddings ?

There are three different ways you can contact us:

  • Email us:
  • Call us: +39 331-222 3667 (Mon-Fri: 10am-3.30pm)
  • Whatsapp us: +39 331-222 3667 ( if possibile please avoid evening hours – roma time )

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