Civil weddings on site

In Tuscany there is the possibility to have your civil wedding on your wedding venue. This means that you do not have to leave your venue to celebrate the civil wedding. This can be done directly at the venue where the wedding party is held. Every municipality in Italy can choose to give certain venues permission to celebrate the civil wedding. However, not every municipality wants to do this. Unfortunately, there are many congregations in Tuscany who have given permission in recent years to hamlets, castles & villas to be able to fulfill the legal marriage.

What means getting married at a venue

It may be that a certain place is indicated by the municipality on the venue where the bride and groom can marry, this can for example be a room. But usually the choice is made by the bride and groom and the ceremony can take place where ever the bride and groom want.
Tuscany Loves Weddings works together with a number of venues, where it is possible to marry legally on the venue itself. it is a hamlet and a castle.

Many venues in Tuscany also have a private chapel. Unfortunately, it is almost never possible to marry ‘legally’ for the church here. Many bridal couples choose to do a blessing in this case. This blessing can be done by a priest or pastor who takes the bride and groom to Tuscany. Tuscany Loves Weddings has various contacts with priests who do both Catholic and Protestant blessings in English and Italian languages.

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